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We handle:
Legal separation
Child support
Spousal maintenance
Orders for protection

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Client Testimonials:

"I love your honesty. It just works."

"I can never thank you enough for what you did."

"Martha, you are truly the best. I could not have been blessed any more having you in my life. Thank for always standing by me, and giving me the moral support I’ve needed over the years. You go get’em, girl!"

"I never expected my lawyer to be a friend but it feels good that I think of you that way."

"I am so glad you helped me get away from him. I owe you for the rest of my life for that one."

"Thanks again for being such an insightful and downright damn good lawyer, and of course good person."

Judicial Officer Testimonials:

"Thank you for doing such a wonderful job on this trial. If all trials were run like this one was, justice would be served more often."