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We handle:
Legal separation
Child support
Spousal maintenance
Orders for protection

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You have a future ahead of you

When you divorce, everything you have worked for in your life is on the table. It can be scary. But you have a future ahead of you, and we are there to help.

Whether you need a divorce, custody or child support, we focus on you and your family.

Here's what our clients have to say:

"I love your honesty. It just works."

"I never expected my lawyer to be a friend but it feels good that I think of you that way."

"I can never thank you enough for what you did."

"Thanks again for being such an insightful and downright damn good lawyer, and of course good person."

First family or second, married or unmarried, straight or gay – for 25 years we have stressed the importance of protecting those you love while creatively solving legal problems and challenges. At the end, we want you to know you have a future, and help you get there.

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